FileMaker Solutions: What We Do

New Solution

We work closely with you to build a new, customized solution. Whether you carry fully-formed ideas about your software (some clients come to us with flowcharts and screen mockups), or hold only a vague notion that you need to change how you work (help! everything’s on paper and in Excel!), we will walk you from concept to creation, according to your budget and timeline.

Rebuild Your Solution

Your old solution has chugged along for years, but needs a refresh. Using your old solution as a model, we will build a new system, using FileMaker’s latest features and technologies. It won’t just be better, faster, and more reliable, it’ll run happily on the latest devices and operating systems. Plus it will be ready and compliant for future upgrades and improvements.

Fix Your Solution

Your FileMaker system is working well, but some bugs need fixing. While it’s best to engage the original developer in repairing their own work, this isn’t always an option. We are experts at “reverse-engineering” the most complex FileMaker databases to permanently fix problems. And once we understand the solution’s architecture, we can be a resource for future support.

Add Features

Your existing FileMaker solution works, but needs have changed, you have new ideas, and you want to add fresh functionality. The original developer is not an option to help. We will work with you to determine your needs, offer our own suggestions, then create and integrate new features, matching the system’s design and user interface so everything fits and works together seamlessly.

Install Updates

You’re running FileMaker Pro, and maybe Server and Go. New versions have been issued by FileMaker, and you want to upgrade to take advantage of the latest features and improvements. We can manage the full procedure, from safely upgrading FileMaker Server, to updating FileMaker Pro and Go, or we can work with you, supporting you as needed as you perform these processes yourself.

Ongoing Support

Your FileMaker solution is running fine, but the original developer is no longer an option for support. You need someone you can call on to help, immediately and effectively, when there’s a problem. You also want to keep up with basic system maintenance: ensuring the latest upgrades and patches are installed, backups are running smoothly, and security is sound. We can provide that support.