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FileMaker Pro Developers

Neutrino Data Systems are data experts and certified FileMaker Pro developers located in Toronto, Canada. We have over 25 years of experience with FileMaker. Whether you are looking for a solution to manage your data, or already have a FileMaker database that needs fixing or improvement, we can help.

What We Do

We help you get your data under control.  Spreadsheets, text documents, PDFs, emails, paper documents, photos, diagrams, etc. – everyone has a lot of data to manage. Neutrino Data Systems builds software “data hubs”: one place to view, access, control, output, and report on your data. A well-designed FileMaker solution will help you:

  • reduce data entry, cutting down on labour and errors
  • unify different pieces of information, and combine data
  • find information quickly and easily
  • run complex and repetitive tasks with a button-push
  • create smart reminders
  • generate powerful and illuminating reports
  • connect to other data stores, inside your office, and on the web
  • store anything: documents, PDFs, images, sounds, videos
  • scan pages directly into storage
  • access your data from computers, phones, tablets, and the web
  • access it anywhere with internet.

Our ability to create with FileMaker is limited only by your imagination. Where you might see hopelessness and clutter, we see solutions.

Where to Start?

If you’re new to FileMaker, this might look daunting. You came here to find a way to manage your data – how exactly will FileMaker help? What is FileMaker? Is it a database? Is it an app? How does it work?

What is FileMaker, anyway?

Unlike other developers, we won’t confuse you with tech talk and acronyms.

FileMaker is a program that offers a way to create custom software – an app, like Excel or Word, but one that is designed by you to precisely handle your needs – no compromises. Because like an app it provides buttons and scripts and layouts and security, it can be called an app, and because it stores data, it can also be called a database. We call it a “solution.” Seriously. That solution will run on Mac or Windows, iPad, or iPhone. It can be used by one person, or many people, in an office, or across the internet.

How is that different than having an actual custom app created by a bunch of propellerheads? Two ways:

  1. it’s much faster and cheaper to get it done
  2. it runs “inside” FileMaker, a program, in the way an Excel document “runs” inside Excel.

Okay, how do I get FileMaker?

For Mac and Windows, and for the server version (which lets many people share data), you buy it from FileMaker, Inc. For iPhone, iPad (and even iPod), you get FileMaker Go from the App Store for free.

And then what?

You can actually build things yourself with FileMaker. Lots of people create simple solutions for themselves with it. But like a piano – anyone can press keys and play simple melodies – it takes training and experience, which we at Neutrino Data Systems have, to master FileMaker. We are FileMaker virtuosos. To build a solution that will mesh with your needs, you tell us what you want, and we build it.

Where to start!

Start by looking around our site. You can find out About Us, and read some Testimonials from our clients. And Google about FileMaker – it’s been around a while, and keeps getting better. Then, when you’re ready, Contact us. We’re always prepared to talk, and we promise to give you honest, open advice.


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