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FileMaker Canada developers of databases, custom apps, and solutions

Neutrino Data Systems are data experts located in Toronto, Canada. We are certified FileMaker™ Platform developers, with over 25 years of experience. Whether you are looking for a new way to manage your data with an app custom-built to fit your business, or already have a FileMaker Platform product that needs fixing, improvement, or replacement, we can help.

Neutrino Data Systems is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. We provide industry best practices and technical expertise to plan, create, and deploy custom apps that meet your team’s needs.

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Wondering about custom software?

If you’re looking for software to help run a business or activity, options abound: ERP, CRM, off-the-shelf, web-based, SaaS, etc. But these can be expensive, may not work the way you do, and require annual fees. Custom software offers an excellent alternative, for less than you think. You design it, with our help, and we create it. It costs less, works your way, and you own it. Check out our (non-technical) page Custom Software Solutions.

Already know FileMaker?

If you already familiar with FileMaker – you have a solution that needs support, or you’ve done your research and recognize that it’s the best tool for custom software – check out our FileMaker Pro Developers page.

You’ll find info on the services we provide and learn out how we can help you fix, update, improve, or replace your FileMaker solution, or create a new one.


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