Working with Neutrino is a joy. Brian is reasonable, responsive, quick, and practical. He’s very adept at making FileMaker do what we need it to do in the least convoluted way possible, and he is able to explain it in a way that makes sense to a non-technical person. I can’t imagine a better person to trust our systems and data to.
Alana Wilcox, Coach House Books

Brian has been a pleasure to work with from the get-go. Brian is a humble, skilled FileMaker professional with superior listening and communications skills, curiosity, and a positive, enthusiastic attitude. It has been my pleasure to work with Brian on a number of projects since 2013, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration. I have been hiring and contracting FileMaker Pro specialists for over 25 years, and Brian is one of the best. Highly recommended.

Steven Barer, Oak Bay Softrends
Brian has been my “tech department” for over five years now. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the way my company works, and as a result, is an invaluable partner when tweaking our custom FileMaker software to better meet our needs. Brian’s insight, tech savvy and “can-do” attitude has allowed us to achieve our goal of excellence in all we do, including CRM, quotes, logistics, billing, and resources for off-site staff.
Amy Copland, Raven Rescue
I have always appreciated Brian’s assistance over the last five years giving programming and technical guidance on our customized FileMaker software. When we first started working with Brian he was able to find many inadaquacies our previous programmer had done and was able to repair/improve those seamlessly. He has been very quick and professional in accommodating any programming concerns we have had. He has an exceptional ability to solve and create better avenues for our software to work – which with our outdated system I’m sure has been very challenging at times. Brian is a valued technical support person who can easily be reached by a simple email and can discuss solutions that a non-technical person can understand. I truly value him!