Custom Software Development

Custom software development in Toronto, Canada – we help people and organizations create custom software, apps that run on computers, phones, and tablets, and the web, for one person or many, shared and interconnected in an office, or around the world.

If you need custom software, we offer a more affordable alternative. If you already use or are considering an off-the-shelf solution, CRM, ERP, or web-based software, we can help – quickly, for less money, with an application that precisely matches your needs, because we design it with you. No missing functions, no compromises, no workarounds. Need a button that does this or that? Need a custom report? Need some gizmo to crunch numbers in a special way? We make it happen, exactly as you want. Plus you’ll fully own your software, without monthly or annual fees.

Develop at your pace, according to your budget. Do a little now, cover urgent needs, add and expand later. Many clients work over months or years, a little or a lot at a time, building, growing, adapting.

Fit the software to your business, not the other way around.

Spreadsheets, text documents, PDFs, emails, paper documents, photos, diagrams, etc. – everyone has a lot of data to manage. Neutrino Data Systems brings everything together into one organized place to view, access, protect, control, output, and report on your data. Our easy-to-use software solutions form the “hub” around which businesses run – they handle everything.

Custom Software Solves Problems

Reduce Data Entry

Problem: You have to enter the same data more than once. That creates unnecessary work, plus increases the possibility of errors, which can cost you money, harm your credibility, and lose customers. Double-entry (or triple, or quad) indicates a significant data problem at your org.

Solution: Custom software can represent a piece of data, entered once, in infinite ways. Key in a client’s address, just once, and the solution puts it on letters, labels, envelopes, invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, etc., all generated inside your custom software. And your solution can push that data to other software, like your accounting package. Never double-enter again.

Unify Scattered Data

Problem: Data is scattered everywhere. An email on somebody’s computer contains the request, a spreadsheet on the network drive calculates the estimate, design drawings sit in a folder on the coordinator’s laptop, and somewhere there’s a PDF with the specifications. It’s a mess!

Solution: At the heart of our custom software lies a powerful relational database that holds text, numbers, calculations, and multimedia, and binds every piece of your entity – project, event, or whatever you track – together. Clickable links connect you to related pieces of data instantly.

Find Data Quickly

Problem: You can’t find data, either easily and quickly, or at all. You get a call, need to bring up the info, but you can’t find it. “I know it’s around here somewhere, can I call you back?” Embarrassing, and possibly costly, if it cannot be found.

Solution: A relational database, designed to store and index data, powers your custom solution. Because your data is unified in one place, you know where to search. And because the solution links data, you can click your way through it – call up the client record, click an invoice, click a line item, and the data you need pops up.

Store Data Securely

Problem: Data is stored insecurely. Anyone at your organization can view sensitive information. If your device – laptop, phone, tablet, server – gets stolen, thieves can access all your data: customer names, addresses, sales history, even bank and credit card numbers.

Solution: Custom software controls access with privilege sets and security levels, allowing you to grant fine-grained view and edit access to users. Hide a single field or an entire block of records. Plus, connections and files are encrypted, making it impossible to steal data if your network is compromised, or hardware goes missing.

Run Repetitive Tasks

Problem: Processes you run frequently take time and effort. You find yourself performing the same steps again and again, from creating and emailing an invoice to generating that essential monthly report.

Solution: Your solution contains a powerful script engine that can condense multi-step processes into repeatable routines. The software can be programmed to take any number of steps and roll them into a complex routine that gets triggered however you like: automatically on a date, with a button-push, exiting a field, etc.

Create Reports

Problem: You don’t know where your business stands in terms of prospects, customers, finances, and the future. Collecting and collating that data takes a long time, requiring you to check different sources, and in a month or a year, you’ll have to do it all again.

Solution: Your custom software can be built to include a potent reporting engine. A single report or dozens of reports can be created to take the data you are already entering and using on a daily basis – no need to re-enter it elsewhere – and from that generate beautiful and informative reports, as easy as entering a date range and pushing a button.

Neutrino Data Systems works closely with you to create custom software that solves all these problems, and more. Check out our testimonials, and feel free to contact any of our happy clients.

Wondering if custom software is right for you? Contact us for a free conversation. We’ll tell you if it makes sense for your situation, and even talk about about alternatives that might be a better fit. Our honesty comes from a desire to take on only the customers we can truly satisfy.

We use FileMaker as our platform-of-choice for creating software. Why? It’s been around for 33 years, it’s owned by the world’s most valued company (Apple), and has proved time and time again to be the best custom software platform in terms of value, flexibility, development speed, and power.