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Neutrino Data Systems is a Toronto-based custom software development group, with clients across North America. Through in-person and remote communications, we build and maintain bespoke applications using FileMaker, the most popular and trusted rapid application development platform. NDS builds new systems from scratch, plus maintains and improves existing solutions. We support your technical infrastructure, including servers and networks. Our clients are individuals and businesses of every size. Solutions run on Macs, Windows PCs, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and the web. They can be operate on a single device, or run hosted on servers in your office or “in the cloud,” allowing shared connections to your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Work Philosophies


Neutrino Data Systems responds to every request and query as quickly as we can, sometimes within minutes, usually within an hour, and always within 24 hours. If for any reason we can’t be available, we’ll put support alternatives in place to ensure you’ll receive immediate and consistent service. Many developers manage time poorly, take on too many clients, grow avoidant by “ghosting” you – ignoring your requests, or taking ages to respond. If we’re busy – it happens – we’ll still acknowledge your query promptly and let you know when you can expect support.


Unlike other development firms that charge in 10 or 15 minute blocks, Neutrino Data Systems bills by the second. If a fix takes two minutes and forty-seven seconds, another company might charge you for 15 minutes, their minimum time block. With NDS, you’d pay for exactly what it took: two minutes and forty-seven seconds! Not only does this save you money because you pay for the real time it took to perform the work, it means you can request fixes when you need them, rather than waiting for them to accrue to fill a minimum time block.


Neutrino Data Systems accounts for every second we bill by providing detailed time slips for the work we perform. You will always know how much time we spent on your project, whether it’s in meetings, phone calls, documentation, or development. And because we bill by the second, you’ll see the precise amount of time spent on each task, to the second. Additionally, if like many of our clients you authorize staff to ask for support directly, you’ll see who at your company made each request. We strive for total transparency.


Neutrino Data Systems embraces an anti-discrimination policy in our workplace and with our clients. We will neither discriminate, nor tolerate discrimination, based on age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation. We strive to make all interactions safe for everyone, and always avoid condescension and jargon-speak.

Eco Protection

Neutrino Data Systems believes in environmental stewardship. Our office is powered and heated by 100% renewable energy supplied by Bullfrog Power. We use the latest technology to work remotely with our clients, and when we must travel we do so by foot, bicycle, public transit, and – only if necessary – using our car, “Shayle,” a hybrid Toyota Prius. The solutions we build are designed to reduce paper consumption by focussing on electronic communication.


We love helping people. Custom software solutions bring dramatic improvements to productivity, efficiency, and experience – they literally improve life for everyone who uses them. A great developer both listens and empathizes with your issue – feels what you are feeling when you discuss the problem – and is motivated to make things better, not just because you’re asking, not just for money, but because the work they do will literally make your life better. That’s important for us.

Senior Software Developer

Brian Panhuyzen (pronunciation: “pan-HUE-zen”), our senior developer, started working with FileMaker over 25 years ago. While moving through different jobs – IT manager, publisher, graphic designer, typesetter, and fiction writer – he’s always used FileMaker as a tool to organize complex data. He is a FileMaker-certified developer with experience helping clients of every category and business type. His background as a writer brings an advantage rarely found in software developers, making him a responsive, clear, and empathetic communicator. With patience, kindness, and humour, he helps clients articulate and realize their needs, translating their ideas into great software – quickly, accurately, and economically.

Brian is proficient in every version of FileMaker, and his technical skills extend into Mac and Windows support, servers, networks, web design, WordPress, Adobe and Microsoft suite products, photography, as well as music and writing software. He has a degree in English from the University of Toronto, and has published two novels and a collection of short stories, with a third novel entitled A Tidy Armageddon forthcoming in spring 2023. Contact Brian directly, or visit his personal website,

Software Developer

Jordan Wald is a self-taught computer programmer who has been learning about technology from a very early age. He fondly recalls learning to type and spell in MS-DOS at the age of three, before he could even write by hand. Owing to his lifetime of experience, Jordan brings a broad technical background that includes cybersecurity, electronic repair, and music production.

“In software development, I do feel there is tremendous value in maintaining a variety of interests and perspectives. One way that I might break the norm for my industry is the emphasis I place on empathy for my client’s needs. Often, by the time someone reaches out for our help, the issues affecting their business are having significant impacts on their own life. Knowing that, I very much appreciate the level of trust involved in this work.”

Jordan lives with his fiancée, two cats, and more than 100 houseplants in Victoria, BC.


Some of our clients, past and present