I’ve lost the developer password, the one with [Full Access], for my FileMaker database. No one can make changes to the back end! Can you help?

Probably. We have a way to crack FileMaker files so you can get back in with the Full Access account, making them fully editable again.

There are three circumstances in which this won’t work:

  1. the file or files have been encrypted using Encryption at Rest;
  2. the Full Access account has been removed;
  3. the file or files are corrupt.

The only way to detect if the file is crackable is for us to try, which we’ll do for free. We bill only if we are successful. Contact us if you want us to have a go.

I've used FileMaker before and it sucked!

That’s not a question, but okay — fair concern. You’ve probably seen bad photos taken with great cameras, heard terrible music played on excellent musical instruments, and read words both wonderful and awful written with a word processing program like Microsoft Word. FileMaker isn’t a database, it’s a tool for creating databases and custom apps, and like any tool — especially one that on the surface looks easy — it can be misused. Don’t blame FileMaker; blame the developer. We are FileMaker experts. We make databases and custom apps that look great and work great.