FileMaker Inc offers free templates to get you started organizing your activity or business. To date, they’ve posted templates for Job Tracking, Event Management, and Memberships, with more promised in the future. These slick and well-designed FileMaker custom apps can start handling your needs right out of the box.

Customize Your Template

But that’s not where the fun ends – FileMaker offers these templates wide open, which means that they can be fully customized. Does some part of the template not work the way you like? Is a function critical to what you do missing? Want to change fonts, colours, images? No problem! With a little FileMaker development knowledge, you can edit any part of the template, from the way things look to what fields you have, to adding whole new modules, reports, scripts, and so on. The possibilities are literally limitless. Build on a template’s foundation, and elevate it to match your dreams.

Get FileMaker Help

If database and app development isn’t your game, but you still want to use a template and expand it to meet your needs, you can work with an established FileMaker developer to enhance a template exactly the way you want. That’ll save you the cost of building your solution from scratch, while still getting you the custom app you need. Neutrino Data Systems can do this for you, now or later. Get your template, start entering data, and when you’re ready, drop us a line and we’ll talk through your ideas.