Brian created a database for our private therapy practice and it has transformed how we work. I am astonished by the time we save having the data organized so efficiently and elegantly. We previously used paper journals, reminder notes, and various payment tracking methods, which became unsustainable as our practice expanded. Not only are we able to easily track client hours, rates, and appointments, but we can also send receipts and invoices instantly.

As we explain our evolving needs to Brian, he deeply listens beyond our words. He is very attuned to our specific requirements and work styles and suggests tailored solutions that he senses will align with us. Often Brian identifies a need long before we have, but he never pressures us to adopt a solution. What I really appreciate is the patient way he explains technical aspects in an accessible way; he never makes us feel bad for taking his time, or for lacking technical knowledge. He is very humble about his skills. If we ever encounter an emergency Brian is responsive and accessible to us. We admire his unique ability to blend left-brain logical thinking with right-brain emotional sensing, making him an ideal technical support resource who carefully considers feelings and words. As therapists we love that!